Cowork Inc

Coworking space operator harnesses the power of digital signage to build a stronger community around its members


Customer summary

Operated by Cowork Inc, The Guild is Bath's first coworking hub, located at the beautiful Guildhall in the heart of the city. The 4,000 square foot space includes two touchdown areas- a creative space (The Engine Room) and a quiet space (The Library), plus a breakout area with sofas, soundproof phone rooms and ad hoc meeting rooms, a 50’s style diner, and around 150 members.


The problem

A space is nothing without the people in it. Cowork Inc strive to build communities rather than just provide serviced office space. Their coworking spaces are designed to nurture a networking and social environment that helps freelancers and startups grow their businesses faster than they could do working alone. The challenge they face is how to engage their members with all the opportunities that the space offers them.


The customer wanted to make use of existing screens around the space to communicate news of forthcoming networking and social occasions, and help to build a sense of community among members. Regular events include speed networking sessions, creative workshops, monthly social meet-ups, board game evenings, film nights and more!


Screenspace in action at The Guild


Screenspace solution

The customer wanted a cloud-based solution that could easily be updated by the hub manager. Ease of installation and low running costs were key.

Screenspace was set-up on 6 existing screens around the hub in around 30 minutes total. The Freedom digital signage players were simply connected via HDMI to each screen and powered by a spare USB port on the back of the display. A number of advert templates were created and these are edited and updated as the need arises. Using the scheduling feature, specific playlists play out on particular days advising members of both regular events and one-offs.



Participation in member events has increased as a result of the digital signage and the screens around the hub are a now a key channel for communication with members who might not take the time to read another email about what’s taking place in a particular week.

The screens have also been used to showcase the profiles of members and their businesses, encouraging communication between members and creating a sense of vibrancy and cooperation that has been key in recruiting new members.


“We’ve been delighted with how easy it’s been to install and manage our Screenspace digital signage. Our hub manager at The Guild was creating and publishing content within a few minutes!

The screens provide a great reminder of all the wonderful things that go on at The Guild that might otherwise be easy to miss, and which make it so much more than just a cool place to work.”

Tom Lewis, Cowork Inc


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